キャッチアップ、 初学にはよい

GitHub - christianalfoni/webpack-express-boilerplate: A boilerplate for running a Webpack workflow in Node express


browsersyncでサーブ 構成もなかなかいい

GitHub - coryhouse/react-slingshot: React + Redux starter kit / boilerplate with Babel, hot reloading, testing, linting and a working example app, all built in


Facebook純製 expressやkoaはない

GitHub - facebookincubator/create-react-app: Create React apps with no build configuration.



GitHub - davezuko/react-redux-starter-kit: Get started with React, Redux, and React-Router!



GitHub - erikras/react-redux-universal-hot-example: A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using express, react, redux, webpack, and react-transform



GitHub - jaredpalmer/react-production-starter: React Redux boilerplate with isomorphic rendering, async react-router routes, async redux reducers, async data fetching, and code-splitting.


GitHub - ufocoder/redux-universal-boilerplate: Boilerplate for react universal (isomorphic) application based on flux architecture (redux implementation)