how to access refs in parent when child component is exported with withStyles?

next.js error

apollo-client/ at master · apollographql/apollo-client · GitHub Catch 401 errors · Issue #297 · apollographql/apollo-link · GitHub Handling JWT authentication errors with React Apollo | Jay Gould [Suggestion]…

laravel validation source code

validation/ValidatesAttributes.php at master · illuminate/validation · GitHub

react images

GitHub - jossmac/react-images: A lightbox component for displaying images GitHub - frontend-collective/react-image-lightbox: React lightbox component GitHub - aautio/react-modal-image: A tiny React component providing modal image Lightbox…

css flex item height considering for parent

rel noreferer

react throttle debouce

Debouncing forms in React with Redux - part two | Krzysztof Żuraw Blog


react animation

React Transition Group React Transition Group

embed Responsive embeds delivery as a service (SAAS for embedding any link and site) - GitHub - sampotts/plyr: A simple HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo player price …

image cdn Pricing | Pricing — ImageOptim API Are there any …


Server-side rendering | Apollo Client SSR and cache-and-network fetch policy · Issue #2119 · apollographql/apollo-client · GitHub Make ssrForceFetchDelay work with cache-and-network by ciscorn · Pull Request #3491 · apollographql/apollo-cl…

react, propsの変化でstateを更新


ブラウザ タブ foreground

Mac 容量確認

ハードディスクの空き容量が極端に少なくなる場合の対処方法 | コミュニティ

docker もろもろ削除 Captcha

css layout

lazy loading

knowledge 【オンプレミスとの組み合わせに効く】 AWSのマネージドサービスつまみ食い10…

laravel findOrCreateで作成したかどうかを見極め

$item = Item::firstOrCreate(['title' => 'Example Item']); if ($item->wasRecentlyCreated === true) { // item wasn't found and have been created in the database } else { // item was found and returned from the database }

purpose: prefetch

アドレスバーでurl直打ちしたりするとpurpose: prefetchが走ったりする Google ChromeのDNSプリフェッチ - cNotes: Current Status Notes


GitHub - roots/trellis: Ansible playbooks for a WordPress LEMP stack WordPress を Trellis で管理した話 - Speaker Deck

参考になりそうなansible sample

GitHub - geerlingguy/ansible-for-devops: Ansible examples from Ansible for DevOps. GitHub - jcalazan/ansible-django-stack: Ansible Playbook for setting up a Django app with Nginx, Gunicorn, PostgreSQL, Celery, RabbitMQ, Supervisor, Virtual…

jpegoptim engine-image-optim/Dockerfile at master · plataformatec/engine-image-optim · GitHub


[Menu] anchorOrigin.vertical props doesn't propagate correctly to Popover · Issue #10804 · mui-org/material-ui · GitHub [Menu] Vertical anchoring of Popover · Issue #7961 · mui-org/material-ui · GitHub

apollo add header

saga memo

Read Me · Redux-Saga

lumen rest api

lumen jwt authentification

cors credential